About us

Why Parrot Uncle

As a brave march forward parrot, It is the explorer of home industry. Our brand

concept consists of D-IAS. D stands for Discovery, we are constantly going

beyond ourselves, exploring and creating new industry and product


IAS is the feature that our products have always been, they are Innovative,

Artistic, and Smart. We are committed to bringing you a more comfortable

lifestyle and constantly improving the quality of your home life through

excellent technology and craftsmanship.

Who We Are

Parrot Uncle as a nearly 10 years young brand of Eileen Grays LLC since 2013,

strongly and quickly grows as a pioneer brand in the global field of lighting and

ceiling fans. Driven by high-quality design and through continuous innovation

and rapid iteration, we have designed and manufactured a number of trending

products that sell well around the world. For the convenience to get you to blend

into the diversified living space and bring inspiration for your home decoration,

we uphold innovative, artistic, and smart as our design dimensions and created

a unique product style in the field of home furnishing. With extremely exquisite

product craftsmanship, we bring artistic enjoyment to your life!